Preserving Armenia One Vote at a Time!


By embracing the HYECoin environment and strengthening its platform with the widespread use of HYEDram stablecoins throughout the world, the Armenian Diaspora will obtain the economic leverage to initiate long-overdue democratic reforms needed to preserve Armenia’s long-term viability and regional independence.

The scope of the HYECoin community’s influence in Armenia encompasses investment in everything from the military and defense industry to education, healthcare, insurance, banking, transportation, and the efficient functioning of an administrative state free of corruption.

With the HYEDram fully monetized to meet its civic objectives, its investors make money too. Best of all, the blockchain-enabled decentralization of this widely accepted stable coin becomes a catalyst for change in Armenia as rogue interests begin to act in concert with the will of the HYECoin community to benefit and to transform the Mother Country.