Preserving Armenia One Vote at a Time!


Choosing the right platform to preserve Armenia one vote at a time

Recently, the rise of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance has brought the world to the verge of an economic revolution the likes of which has not been seen since the industrial revolution swept Western Europe and the United States over a century ago.

This economic revolution will be completed within the next 10-15 years. Then, when every other country in the world has made the transition away from fiat currency to cryptocurrency (not unlike El Salvador did in 2020), the early-adopting smaller countries who embraced the crypto revolution long before the others will have a marked advantage in generating profits and trade resulting from fixed rates of inflation and an exponential growth in velocity of transactions and fees generated by the new DeFi economy.

The idea of HYECoin was strategically conceived in 2017 as a crypto-based corporate catalyst capable of advancing the economic interests of the Republic of Armenia in direct response to the combative actions of her more aggressive and petulant neighbors. In 2021, under the direction of top-shelf crypto legal and accounting advisors, including Perkins Coie LLP, HYECoin, Inc. decided to develop the HYEDram as the first stablecoin not pegged to the USD$ to be launched by a company domiciled in the United States of America.

Only a stablecoin like the HYEDram, pegged to the Armenian Dram, is capable of enhancing (and even increasing) the value of Armenian GDP when embraced by the global Armenian diaspora for use in global trade and commerce.

Central to the success of the HYECoin, Inc. strategy is the deployment of HYEDram for use among 10 million Armenians in diaspora around the world who are committed to advancing the economic welfare of their ancient and beloved homeland.

Currently, HYECoin, Inc. is weighing the probable benefits of three potential platforms upon which to build the HYEDram hard fork that will ultimately support the digital, ecosystem . They are: Ethereum, Cardano and

Regardless of where our final decision lands, the winning platform will provide the HYEDram with three indispensable elements that are essential to meeting the company's objectives:

  1. Consensus mechanism blockchain technology that provides data privacy while leveraging the data integrity (transparency) benefits of blockchain.
  2. DAO voting system that empowers and simultaneously manages the collective will of an evolving majority within the HYECoin community.
  3. Smart contracts that form a foundation for executing all transactions in the HYECoin-driven global Armenian ecosystem.