Preserving Armenia One Vote at a Time!

HYECoin, Inc. + Blockchain Consensus Algorithm = Globalization

HYECoin, Inc.'s financial model liquidates illiquid assets through the use of traditional financial products, blockchain and smart contracts. By partnering with HYECoin, Inc., participating companies can harness capabilities in new economic models and unearth tremendous value with adoption of the HYEDram stablecoin. This is happening on a global scale by welcoming the Spyurk to use HYEDram as part of the HYECoin community.

In the past, the Armenian People have been the subject of great injustice, bullying and genocide from outside players in the region. Sadly, they remain the target of those who would likely commit cultural genocide against the ancient and sacrosanct Armenian heritage if they should only be permitted to do so.

From within, the citizens of Armenia presently suffer from the economic and psychological consequences of unparalleled public and private corruption that prohibits sustainable levels of economic development necessary to achieve military independence and existential security in the region.

The only answer to solving these economic and political problems of the Armenian People is to provide them with the financial and democratic means necessary to declare their sovereign independence from both the internal and external forces which perpetually threaten them.

To this end, and not unlike the first steps taken by the small sovereign nation of El Salvador that has now wholly transitioned to Bitcoin as their national, state issued currency, Armenia must embrace the blockchain-secured future of DeFi cryptocurrency by using the HYEDram stablecoin for trade and exchange. Adopting HYEDram allows the Armenian people to transition their economy away from the state-issued fiat currency presently controlled by corrupt players who are still using the legacy mechanisms of an antiquated global central banking system to keep the Armenian Republic in a perpetually weakened state.

With the advent of HYEDram stablecoin strategically and objectively pegged to the Dram (Armenia’s state-issued fiat currency), nearly 10 million Armenians in diaspora and related businesses can now participate in the revitalization of the Armenian economy by boosting the value of the Dram that is currently being used and circulated by a mere 2.8 million Armenians who live in Armenia.

pNumerous successful altcoins on the crypto market today—coins like Terra, TRON, Tezoz, EOS and XinFin—employ a blockchain consensus algorithm called delegated Proof-Of-Stake (dPOS) to govern the transaction validation process of their selective coins. HYEDram will be no different.

As Daniel Larimer, developer of the EOSIO ecosystem and dPOS, has stated,

“The purpose of blockchain governance is to make decisions in the best interest of as many people as possible while minimizing the opportunity for a small group of people to act in ways that benefit themselves at the expense of the community. The key is to align interests and select the parties with the most to lose if the network fails to operate to its potential. True proof of stake aligns long term interests and puts control in the hands of those with a long term commitment.”

The HYEcoin community is all about strengthening the Armenian economy by connecting and empowering the Armenian Diaspora through participation in a decentralized financial product ecosystem. But talk is cheap. Walking the walk is much harder. By grounding its influence in the security of blockchain governance and a proven consensus algorithm, HYECoin, Inc. rewards those participants in the HYECoin community with a real commitment to the long-term viability of the Armenian Republic. This is after all the vision that drives HYECoin, Inc.: To give a voice to the Armenian people and to preserve Armenia one vote at a time.