Preserving Armenia One Vote at a Time!

Goal of HYECoin, Inc.

The goal of HYECoin, Inc. is threefold:

  1. To invite the diaspora to create a critical mass of market cap valuation in HYEDram stablecoins equal to or greater than $26 Billion USD or two times the present total value of the Armenian gross domestic product [$13 Billion USD (Armenian GDP 2021)].
  2. To harness the collective will of all Armenian HYEDram holders as a voting community, through the transparent distribution and managed release of their profits. (NOTE: Only ethnic-Armenian coin holders are eligible to vote.) By allocating a fixed percentage of all HYECoin, Inc. profits (15%) generated by HYEDram (per annum), the HYECoin community will underwrite the costs of supporting, reforming and preserving the Republic of Armenia (majority rules: one vote per HYEDram wallet regardless of position size).
       a. Majority rules: one vote per HYECoin wallet, regardless of position size.
       b. Regrettably, non-Armenian utility coin holders are exempted from voting.
  3. To eventually replace the Armenian Dram with the HYEDram stablecoin as the official state currency issued by the Republic of Armenia.