Preserving Armenia One Vote at a Time!

HYECoin, Inc. Introduces Consensus Philanthropy

Beyond merely funding a stablecoin in order to build a successful business that rewards Armenian investors for their early-stage participation, HYECoin, Inc. offers its members an innovative approach to funding redemptive programs and projects in Armenia through Consensus Philanthropy.

What is Consensus Philanthropy? Consensus Philanthropy is a novel concept created by HYECoin, Inc. that was inspired by the pioneering work of crypto legend, Daniel Larimer, regarding the capability of offering to a virtual community greater equity in decision making through the use of smart contracts and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain consensus algorithm which utilizes a reputation system and real-time voting to achieve consensus.

In short, while the HYEDram is designed to provide greater financial security and strength to all major sectors of the Armenian economy, Consensus Philanthropy empowers each and every HYECoin community wallet holder with something new: an equitable, secure and blockchain-enabled system to vote each month on how they want a varying amount of money (but always equal to 15% of the company's monthly profits) to be spent on direct public benefit projects in Armenia.

In this way, by participating as voting members in the HYECoin community, the Armenian Diaspora will obtain the economic leverage through Consensus Philanthropy to initiate long overdue democratic reforms needed to preserve Armenia’s long-term existential viability and regional independence.