Preserving Armenia One Vote at a Time!

Why HYEDram Works

  • Benefits of HYEDram

Joining the HYECoin community and using its products allows the Spyurk to reset the Armenian economy for the 21st Century by achieving important civic and market-based objectives while allowing its investors and coin traders to make money too. Specifically, joining the HYECoin community provides the Armenian Diaspora with power to finance the future security of Armenia by offering (1) Free education to all Armenian students in Armenia, (2) a 401K retirement program to benefit all working citizens of Armenia, and (3) a means to perpetually fund organizations, agencies and economic sectors that are essential to Armenia’s long-term viability—namely: military and defense industry development, education, healthcare, insurance, banking, transportation and the efficient functioning of an administrative state free of corruption.

  • Using HYEDram

HYEDram can be used to make product purchases and pay fees for service, to trade with on cryptocurrency exchanges, and to transfer funds to family and friends at a low transaction cost.

  • 3 Wallet Users

HYECoin community members using HYEDram stablecoins have multiple wallets:

Wallet One (STANDARD): This is the primary carrier for storing all HYEDram that is purchased.

Wallet Two: (ONLY FOR ARMENIANS) All Armenian HYEDram holders must confirm their cultural identity. Once verified, each (individual) Armenian wallet holder will have a voting right to decide how the HYECoin Community will fund economic development and security projects in Armenia.

Wallet Three (PRIME): This proprietary Privacy Wallet enables HYEDram users to make direct, anonymous and secure payments to other HYEDram users (whereby maintaining the privacy of their transaction origins and amounts)