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The revolution in defi has only just begun

As many of you already know, I am long and strong on crypto. I believe that crypto is here to stay and it is not going away! As such, the revolution in defi has only just begun.

Predictably, while positive developments in defi continue to progress and the market for blockchain and crypto related products continues to surge on a global scale, governing authorities and the central banks that support them will lose more and more power. And as their power in central finance diminishes, these banks and political leaders will do everything at their disposal to limit the people's defi access to crypto.

Today's breaking news suggests that I am right, yet again.

Within the last 24 hours, both and published reports that the cenfi Bank of Russia has called for a full ban on crypto in an effort to limit competition from the new form of currency. While in the defi space, Google has made significant progress on preparing their platform to accommodate the use of wallets and digital cards.

I will keep you informed and updated as both of theses stories develop.

To read more on both of these two stories, click on the links below:

Bank of Russia Calls for Full Ban on Crypto

Russia's central bank suggests making crypto trading, mining and usage illegal. Owning crypto would be allowed.

By Anna Baydakova, Eliza Gkritsi

Google Cards To Store Bitcoin And Crypto: Report

By Contributor/Namcios: Bitcoin Magazine

January 26, 2022