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HYECoin, Inc. supports Armenian world record challenger

Yerevan, Armenia, On Thursday afternoon, August 4, 2022, at 12:30 local time in Metropoliteni El-Havaqakayan, YURI SAKUNTS, the Armenian boxer/strongman, will attempt to break his own world record in exceptional human strength which was set on February 25, 2019 when he pulled a wagon weighing 33-tons for a distance of 10 meters: using only his pinky finger. In this upcoming world record challenge, Sakunts will attempt to pull a metro subway railcar weighing estimated 70 tons, for the same distance, again, using only his pinky finger!

The public is invited to attend.

COME WATCH LIVE: August 4, 12.30

Yuri Sakunts, is an amateur boxer and Armenian martial arts champion. He is also a two-time power triathlon world champion and bronze medalist of the power wrestling world cup. Prior to this, Sakunts set four other world records in addition to the one he now seeks to surpass. After setting twenty-two records in Armenia, he presently holds more records than any other person in the country.

While Sakunts’ list of accomplishments as a five-time world record holder have already been certified by the World Sports Organization (WSO) and Vajra Book of World Records, he is currently making application with the Guinness Book of World Records to recognize his outstanding achievements.

In other pursuits, Yuri Sakunts has supported the youth of Armenia through various athletic programs and for many years he has encouraged autistic children to push their personal boundaries through athletics and strength training. Sakunts’ commitment to improving the lives of children has captured the attention of numerous organizations that are proud to sponsor his upcoming world record challenge.

HYEDram/HYECoin Inc. is joined by the following groups who are financially supporting the August 4 event: King Chip (aka Chip Tha Ripper), MeaningfulWorld NGO, Spaceplug Inc.,, HIRECLOUT and Narek Arshakyan Photography.

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