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What is HYEDram


HYEDram is a stablecoin
empowering the HYECoin community

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A New Generation of Armenian Champions is Emerging

YEREVAN - (October 30, 2022) Yesterday afternoon, seven-year-old gymnast Sargis Faradyan and his teammate Gagik Manukyan celebrated a victory in the intra-school gymnastics championship held at Yerevan's Hrant Shahinyan gymnasium. Read more ...

A New Generation of Armenian Champions is Emerging

About HYECoin, Inc.

HYECoin, Inc. is an innovator in the crypto space and the first company in the United States to launch a stablecoin pegged to another country’s fiat currency and not the USD$.

The HYEDram stablecoin allows HYECoin community members to augment HYETech into HYEPerks.

HYEDram Stablecoin

HYEDram Icon HYECoin, Inc. is a force-multiplier in the crypto marketplace with products for the Armenian Diaspora and others focused on generating revenue through transactions with participating companies who agree to settle accounts with customers, vendors, suppliers, and service providers using the HYEDram stablecoin.

HYEDram Icon HYECoin, Inc. offers B2B/B2C HYEtech perks (products) to HYECoin community members, participating investors, employees, customers, citizens and all others who want to trade in HYEDram.

What is a HYEPerk

HYEPerk is a unique name that HYECoin, Inc. has created to designate any financial product that they offer to the HYECoin community (B2B and B2C) with network effect incentives and loyalty programmed into the smart contract(s) that govern the use of HYEDram.

A HYEPerk product is the combination of Data Insight, Algorithm, Financial Mechanism, Leverage, Retention, Collateral, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Time.

Why HYEDram Works


Benefits of HYEDram

HYEDram allows the Spyurk to reset the Armenian economy for the 21st Century.

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Using HYEDram

HYEDram can be used to make product purchases and pay fees for service.

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3 Wallet Users

HYEDram users have multiple wallets.

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Why Stablecoins Work

Faster, Cheaper & More Secure

Stablecoins are the current hot spot in a rapidly growing crypto market and present the probability of improving productivity for the provision of financial services across all sectors of the global economy. When compared to the processes associated with traditional central banking, stablecoins have begun to redefine modern finance simply because they offer a new way to conduct economic activity on the Internet faster, with greater security and at a lower price.

HYEDram Stablecoin Supply

Goal of HYECoin, Inc.


Invite the Diaspora to create a critical mass of market cap valuation in HYEDram stablecoins equal to or greater than two times the present total value of Armenia GDP.

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Harness the collective will of all Armenian HYEDram holders as a voting community.

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Replace the Armenian Dram with the HYEDram stablecoin as the official state currency issued by the Republic of Armenia.

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Financial Products + Loyalty

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HYEDram Drives HYECoin, Inc.


HYECoin, Inc. is a force-multiplier in the crypto marketplace with products for the Armenian Diaspora and others focused on generating revenue and transactions with participating companies who agree to settle accounts with customers, vendors, suppliers, and service providers using the HYEDram stablecoin.


HYECoin, Inc. stands out as an innovator in the crypto space by being the first company in the United States to launch a stablecoin not pegged to the US Dollar. Equally as impressive, the HYECoin community is the first global online network of strangers with a shared ethnic and national origin to employ a consensus voting algorithm (not unlike the delegated Proof of Stake protocol, originally provided by EOSIO in 2018), to maintain a decentralized, trust-free equilibrium between the desire for power and liquidity among all HYECoin community members without interference from any and all centralized outside entities, including HYECoin, Inc., itself.


The Purpose of HYECoin, Inc. is to increase Armenian GDP systematically by pegging the HYEDram to the Dram, thus, maximizing Spyurk participation in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that provides financial and accounting security to all major sectors of the Armenian economy.


Inherent to this noble purpose is the idea that all individuals and businesses within the global Armenian Diaspora can increase the value of the Armenian Dram and effect positive economic growth in the Republic of Armenia by trading and transacting business throughout the world using HYEDram stablecoins.

HYEDram Drives HYECoin, Inc.

  • Access to a new financial asset class, ETFs and related products offered by HYECoin, Inc.
  • Exposure to growth in the Metaverse through NFTs minted exclusively by HYECoin, Inc.
  • Connection to the Founder's circle of expertise in cryptocurrency trading, R&D and IPO.
HYEDram Drives HYECoin, Inc.


HYECoin, Inc. is a production company that is developing HYEDram stablecoin, and related digital products, all functioning as crypto assets governed by blockchain technology.

HYECoin, Inc.'s innovative approach to doing business generates revenue by applying the new rules of secure blockchain technology and augmenting the use of HYEDram stablecoin in microlending, reinsurance, payments, asset management, marketing & loyalty, and secondary & derivative markets. The HYEDram financial model animates these six HYEPerk products through blockchain validation, a decentralized ledger of transactions, and publicly traded balance sheets for members and employees of companies partnering with HYECoin, Inc.

The ubiquitous blockchain technology that allows the HYEDram to consistently grow in stability and strength is always running in the background to govern this process of generating ever higher velocity and volume in HYEDram transactions.

As the HYEDram stablecoin grows in stability and strength, the influence that HYECoin, Inc. exercises grows with it. This influence is automatically transferred to the HYECoin community because of the unique way that HYECoin, Inc. allows blockchain enabled consensus algorithm, not unlike the one EOSIO originally launched on their own ecosystem back in 2018, to secure the best interest of everyone participating in the HYECoin community.

HYEDram Drives HYECoin, Inc.

HYECoin, Inc. = Globalization

HYEDram Stablecoin

HYECoin, Inc.'s financial model liquidates illiquid assets through the use of traditional financial products, blockchain and smart contracts. By partnering with HYECoin, Inc., participating companies can harness capabilities in new economic models to unearth tremendous value with adoption of the HYEDram stablecoin. This is happening on a global scale by welcoming the Spyurk to use HYEDram as part of the HYECoin community.

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dPOS, Sustainable Democracy

dPOS, Sustainable

For more than 100 years, a dark muddle of regionalism, political, church and class divisions, and generations of tribal/family competitive nuance have separated the Armenian People into a thousand or more disparate factions.

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Smart Contracts, Assurance in HYEDram

HYECoin, Inc. is part of an emerging new generation of digital product developers to harness the versatility and security of smart contract technology in the establishment of a decentralized financial ecosystem managed by the participants of a global community who may never have a chance to meet the other members.

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Maximizing Accessibility to HYEDram Apps

HYECoin, Inc. integrates the Blockchain Wallet algorithm with mobile technologies to maximize the user experience and to make things easy when accessing HYEPerk products and services.

  1. 2 Factor Authentication (Mobile)
  2. KYC—(Know Your Customer) gathering data for secure user login
  3. AML—(Anti-Money Laundering) securing user wallets against fraud
  4. T&C (Terms and Conditions)requirement for smart contract implementation

  1. MicroLending - HYELend
  2. Reinsurence - HYEReinsurance
  3. Payments - HYEPay
  4. Asset Management - HYEAssets
  5. Marketing & Loyalty - HYELoyal
  6. Secondary & Derivative Markets - HYEMarkets

  1. TBD

HYECoin, Inc.’s Plan for Widespread Adoption

Widespread adoption and use of HYEDram stablecoin by the Armenian People will be achieved in parallel synchronicity with the collaborative synergy of HYECoin, Inc. and the funding decisions of the HYECoin community to positively affect the Republic of Armenia on four intersecting planes:

The following is a quick list of economic sectors in which HYECoin, Inc. and the HYECoin community, together animated by the transformative nature of HYEDram stablecoin as a digitized agent of change, will significantly enhance the lives of many people living in Armenia:

1. Banking/Lending – HYELend

Providing platform hosting, infrastructure, collateral, 401K and bank asset lending as affordable financial services secured by the HYEDram blockchain.

2. Reinsurance – HYEReinsurance

Purchasing insurance policies from other insurers to limit their total loss in case of sudden disaster.

3. Asset Management – HYEAsset

Providing an Asset Management Network for investments in small and large Armenian companies.

HYECoin, Inc., in collaboration with the HYECoin community, seeks to influence the way democracy continues to flourish in the Republic of Armenia. Specifically, HYECoin members are concerned that political leaders and bureaucratic elites provide for the security and prosperity of all Armenians in the following s areas:

1. Education - HYE ED

Providing free tuition for all college students paid for by HYE ED. After graduation, HYE ED provides job placement. Through a 10-year cycle, 10% of the graduates' annual salaries are invested back into the program. Then after the 10-year program is completed, employees have a choice to receive back a full payment of all contributions made to their accounts over the intervening ten years, or to continue investing into a 401K program managed by HYECoin, Inc.

2. Government

Providing the central government accounting office with blockchain enabled security features and protocols for managing budgets and introducing accountability for expenditures office by office, department by department and agency by agency.

3. Military / Defense

Financing innovations in computer data/defense tech, advancement in military training, supply chain, weapons procurement and production.

4. Medical

Providing innovation and advancement in medical diagnosis, treatment, training, pharmaceuticals and supply.

5. Intelligence / Data

Financing innovation and advancement in high-tech data gathering and analysis for security and defense.

Another digital revolution is presently underway in parallel growth to the crypto revolution of which HYECoin will soon be a part. Computer techs call this other revolution the IOT or the "Internet of Things." The IOT is soon to change the way all human beings relate to the Internet and, conversely, how the Internet gathers data on every human being who is connected to it.

Through smart connections that animate the IOT, the physical world can now be connected to the internet using a vast global cloud (network) of radio frequency chips, transponders, receivers, satellites, towers, mobile devices, storage devices, computers, apps and wires. The creative space that makes all of this IOT possible is the technological realm, and this is where the global Armenian ecosystem was born. This is also the space where HYECoin, Inc. and the HYECoin community interact and operate together. Soon, (very soon) HYECoin and the IOT will intersect in this technological realm. When it happens, HYECoin, Inc. and the HYECoin community will be ready.

The following list is just a sample of the areas in which HYEDram and the host of other products offered in the future by HYECoin, Inc. will interact with the IOT:

1. Smart Homes / Devices

Devices Facilitating payments for devices and services, such as Alexa, Nest, FIOS, Spectrum, HBO, Pay-Per-View and Netflix, etc., that connect features in the home, like refrigerators, 4K TVs, washers and dryers, security & alarm systems, A/C and heaters, etc.

2. Smart Individuals

Using smart contracts to help individuals hold themselves accountable and to increase their productivity so they are able to live their best lives. Sensors that monitor and provide data insights (i.e., steps for the day, water intake, time in meditation, health data, etc.), to help people achieve their goals and to stay motivated.

3. Smart Businesses

Using EDIFACT protocols (or next-Gen V-Chain) to maximize product development and output (both physical and non-physical) by connecting businesses to RF networks and cloud resources that coordinate supply chains, fulfillment, delivery and JIT inventory replacement/management.

4. Smart Governments

Providing regional government agencies with data insights using RF sensors for tracking consumption of commodities (i.e. water and energy usage, etc.) and voting platforms to provide feedback for future innovations, qualified leadership and prospective employees.

5. Smart Ecosystems

Connecting business and governments together into a cohesive ecosystem through smart contracts and dPOS administered on the blockchain to capture all value and to maximize democratic processes necessary for maintaining fairness, cutting costs, reducing waste and ending corruption.

In the final analysis, HYECoin, Inc. and the HYECoin community are all about preserving the Armenian heritage, legacy and homeland. This will be accomplished by improving the lives of all Armenian people without prejudice. As Armenia completes its transition into the digital era by adopting widespread use of the HYEDram stablecoin, here are four areas of cultural influence where HYECoin, Inc., working together with the HYECoin community, will have an impact:

1. Businesses / B2B

Supporting business to business collaboration and providing affordable capital/finance to established companies and non-established startup companies, alike.

2. Family

Providing Armenian families with digital products that yield access to new financial markets, access to affordable higher education and home ownership, and access to digitized retirement planning and investment opportunities secured on the HYEDram blockchain.

3. Leisure / Tourism / Cuisine

Providing HYECoin members with access to tickets, group discounts and On & Off ramps to affordable entertainment/arts/music/sports network services, vacations, restaurants and events that help Armenians to achieve balance between work and life.

4. Religion / Holidays

Connecting family and relatives to the values of Armenian heritage by preserving all cultural sites, churches and artifacts.

The Road Ahead

“Slow and steady wins the race,” said the blind tortoise, as he crossed the finish line to beat the lazy rabbit!

Pioneering the Way Forward

As a pioneer in the crypto world, HYECoin, Inc. has moved slowly to assess the nascent landscape and remains heavily invested in legal compliance, accountability and transparency. Indeed, when presented with so much potential and opportunity for creative development, it is important for HYECoin, Inc. to remain focused on these three elements necessary for success.

Accordingly, this website and the company’s initial white paper are focused exclusively on the advent of HYEDram as the first product to be launched by HYECoin, Inc.

However, as the HYECoin community continues to take shape, growing as it already is from the "bottom up," the chance to look ahead entails multiple dimensions and will require that greater attention be given to answering investor’s questions as things continue to develop.

If you have any questions about strategy, structure, or investment and employment opportunities with HYECoin Inc. please feel free to contact us at the email address and number below.

To read the latest version of the official HYEDram White Paper (v. 1.2), click the link below white paper.

White Paper


HYECoin, Inc.
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